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Types of Flanges

Types of Flanges

Flanges are one of the pipe fittings but they are mainly used for connecting pipes, valves, pumps, gauge, and other measuring equipment to form the piping system. They provide easy access for inspection, modification or cleaning and maintenance purpose. There are different methods to attach flanges to a piping system like screwed or welded.

Two flanges with a gasket in between them to provide a seal, the flanges joints are formed. There are different types of flanges are available to use in piping systems but the more common and highly demanded are 7 of them which we will discuss in this article. Now let’s check the various types of flanges.


Types of Flanges

  • Slip-On Flange

Slip-On Flange is one of the most commonly used flanges in the piping system. A slip-on flange is connected to pipe fittings or pipe by two fillet welds. Here one fillet weld is executed inside and another outside of the pipe.

The bore diameter of the slip-on flange should be larger than the outside diameter of the connecting pipe or pipe fittings.

  • Weld Neck Flange

This Weld Neck Flange is highly used for high pressure and high-temperature applications. Here the bore diameter of the flange is equal to the inside diameter of the connecting pipe. A weld neck flange has a tapered hub provides a smooth connection between the flange and connecting pipe. In this flange, the end of the hub is weld to form a strong connection.

  • Long Weld Neck Flange

This flange is somewhat similar to weld neck flange. The only difference is that the extension is provided on the tapered hub section. This flange is specially used for vessels, columns, and barrels.

  • Threaded Flange

Threaded Flange is used threaded section and screw to make an attachment with a pipe. This flange is highly recommended to attach two sections of pipes. Threaded flanges have various industrial applications like explosive gas pipeline, gas stations, and plant.

  • Socket Weld Flange

To connect the pipes with other pipes and other measuring equipment, Socket Weld Flange use single fillet weld outside of the flange. These Flanges are suitable for small-size and high-pressure piping system.

There are two more important types of standard flanges are Lap Joint Flange and Blind Flange. If you want to learn about these flanges then Contact Us and get free knowledge.

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