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Nickel and its Alloys

Nickel and its Alloys

Are you heard the name Inconel Alloy, Monel Alloy, Hastelloy, and Nickel Alloy? , alloys are nothing but the types of nickel alloys, which are highly demanded in various types for industries like steam turbine power plant, medical appliances, nuclear power systems, aircraft gas turbine, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

Nickel is the most versatile metal element, alloyed with most of the metals. Depending on the percentage of nickel and other metal elements, different types of nickel alloys are formed and used in different industrial applications. Nowadays, most of the industrial production use nickel and its alloy to manufacture high-quality Nickel Alloy Products in different forms.


Commercially Pure Nickel

Commercially Pure nickel alloy is a low alloy that is highly useful in various industries such as chemical processing, food handling, and processing and electronics & electrical applications. This commercially pure nickel alloy is 99% pure wrought nickel offers good mechanical properties and outstanding resistance to corrosive environments. There are different material grades are offered by Sambhav Metal & Alloys such as Nickel 200 and Nickel 201.

Nickel 200 is most widely used nickel alloy particularly useful for maintaining product purity in the handling of foods and caustic alkaline, and synthetic fibers.  Moreover, they are widely used in chemical shipping drums, aerospace and missile components. Nickel 201 is low carbon version of Nickel 200, typically useful for the caustic evaporators, combustion boat, and electronics parts.


Nickel Alloys

Varying the nickel, chromium and other metal alloys there are different alloys are formed including Inconel, Monel, and Hastelloy. Commercially pure nickel offers lots of benefits over a wide range of industries, but it can be more expensive, that why most of the industries introduce new types of Nickel Alloys to manufacture the products.

Monel 400 and Monel K500 is solid solution Nickel Alloy which can be hardened only by the cold working process. This Nickel Alloy exhibits excellent strength and high toughness over a wide range of temperature. Both these Monel Alloy are best suitable for chemical processing equipment, gasoline, freshwater tank, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and more.

Inconel is another type of Nickel Alloy consists of nickel-chromium and iron as main constituents that are mainly useful for applications which required resistance to heat and corrosion. There are various types of Inconel Alloys including Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Inconel 800, and Inconel 825, etc. They are extensively used in reactor water systems, nuclear applications, and heat treatment equipment.

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